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These paintings are the result of a recent commission. The client was looking to refresh their living space to mark and celebrate recent changes in their life involving new friendships within new communities.

Painting entitled "Malvina I"

Malvina I (2018) sold

They had strong and specific ideas about what the paintings should look like and designed their own concept based around research of my other works and their home interior colour scheme.  I would be working with a selected range of greys and reds (based on some colour swatches provided) in a triangular design.

Using the these swatches as a guide, I worked with them in spirit, rather than to the letter. Through subtle shifts like playing with texture, temperature, tone and slightly extending the range of hues, I was trying to create energy and vibrancy, whilst working with a smaller range of colours than I would usually choose. This was a challenging and rewarding project because of these pre-determined boundaries.

The client wanted something that would draw the viewer’s eye to the centre of each piece, as if a meditation to something beyond. I also wanted the picture surface to push out into the viewer’s presence exerting a positive presence suggestive of hope; a geometry of hope and the new beginnings that they are marking in their life.

Painting entitled "Malvina II"

Malvina II (2018) sold

The result is a collaborative work between myself and the client who conceptualised the works which, in turn, allowed me to realise them in paint.


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