Collage entitled "Passio"

This collage came about through the idea of creating a work of art about the meaning of death following on from a previous piece about ‘the meaning of life.’ As in the preceding work, I used interior decorators’ colour swatches and noticed a colour called ‘Passion Flower’. I didn’t know the significance of the name ‘Passion Flower’ in relation to my theme, but I was inspired to research this flower and discovered the information below. This provided the concept of making an abstract design based on the Passion Flower symbolism. I have used a broken shed as a background support by re-assembling the panels and cutting them into a triangle shape. The piece is therefore not a single item, but many parts made into one.

“Literally, the word ‘passion’ is derived from its Latin source passio which means ‘to suffer’. In fact, passion indicates the sufferings on the cross and the death of Christ. It is called ‘passion-flower’ due to parts of the flower resembling the crown of thorns, nails and other symbols of Christ’s suffering. It is a prominent Christian flower symbol as its pointed leaf resembles a spear, the tendrils the whips, the column of the ovary signifies the cross and the dark circle of threads in the centre the crown of thorns. The flower portrays the passion of Christ. If the flower were white, as in the ‘Constance Elliot’ variety, it denotes piety; blue means heaven. The three days’ life span of the flower is supposed to mean- “so shall the son of man be three days and nights in the heart of the earth”

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