I am a painter exploring light, colour and form using mixed media; mainly oil and acrylic paint. My works are often abstract statements leaning toward the lyrical, poetic or spiritual in terms of inspiration and painterly tradition. I’m interested in the way ideas transcend the medium and how these are mediated through human dialogue.

During the painting process I’m looking for an inner weight to begin to establish its presence; a weight which does not completely abandon reference to our sensual experience of space/time, yet also points elsewhere. Direction and resolution are found in an idea such as a personal or collective history, memory or narrative which launches the process or marks its completion i.e. I either begin with a concept or discover one which suggests itself to me.

At the same time I look for tension in the suggestiveness of what is seen by the viewer (as if the work is still evolving.) This tension between what is resolved and yet still being resolved, is the source of engagement that I try to achieve. Sometimes this emerges as a shifting middle ground between figuration and abstraction as if the images appear and then dissolve at the frontier between the two. For this reason my painting must become something to the viewer over time, as they engage in the process of constructing meaning.